Hadal Art
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Oddities and Side Show Pieces
I have been having fun with some different materials. Most of the pieces here are all made with real items, not much is fabrication. Have fun and email me with any questions or comments.

Print prices are as listed below, I have Giclee Prints, and paper prints with and without mats.

Paper prints without any Mat prices*
3x5 - $1
4x6 - $2
5x7 - $2.5
8x10 - $5

Paper prints with a double Mat prices*
3x5 - $8
4x6 - $10
5x7 - $15
8x10 - $20

Giclee Print prices*
3x5 - $15
4x6 - $15
5x7 - $20
8x10 - $35
11x14 - $50
16x20 - $75

*All sizes are approximate, all prices are subject to change and none of the prices above include shipping.